Give. Get. Never Regret.

Writing great content? It's only fair it gets noticed. Grow your backlink profile and improve your SERP through natural community link building with real and authoritative content owners


To get backlinks from the community of content partners, you need to give some yourself as well.

This is the foundation of Webeeseo. Our self-developed algorithm makes sure you're getting a fair deal.

The more you give to the community, the more you get. Strict rules and a gamified system ensure engagement and only value added and real websites.


Quality Backlinks

Our validation system makes sure the backlinks you get are from real high quality websites with a trustworthy backlink profile.

Engaged Community

With a point based system, each partner from our community is always engaged to ensure they're allowed a spot at getting great links themselves.

SME Friendly

Small businesses with less resources for SEO hires or freelancer ventures can now have a shot at increasing their rankings on Google.

Relevant Results

We match partners who provide related content, making sure everyone's interests are aligned and the backlinks you get are relevant.

Give and Get

Give one to get one back. Keep the momentum to get rewards. As simple as it sounds.

Time and Money Saver

No Research, no Outreach steps, no need to hire dedicated consultants. Cost and time to get a quality backlink drop 10-20 fold.


The quality, number and frequency of links your domain receives from others is still one of the most valued factors in Google's ranking algorithm. 

You're likely looking for an opportunity to increase the number of high quality links to your website. I'm sure that by now you've realised that getting quality backlinks is not an easy thing to do. 

Competition is hard and never before has been more content being created than now. It takes a lot of research time, outreach and unfair trial and error to find someone who is willing to link back to your website without you having to pay hundreds of euros in exchange.

Forget about buying links, getting into scam deals or just not being able to give the great content you create the visibility it deserves.

There are thousands of marketers like yourself out there. Literally.

Webeeseo helps you save time on the backlink outreach process. Taking advantage from the network effect, we bring marketers together turning everyone into a winner.

Hard Facts

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Join the Waiting List

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Do I have to link to other websites as well?

Yes, because of the unique nature of our model you need to be a participant in the network. This ensures the quality of the links others get, and consequently the quality of the links you get yourself to your website.

Is this link exchange?

Not really. A direct link exchange is when website A and website B link to each other reciprocally. We add a growing number of websites to this equation, creating a network of top content websites so that whoever you link to, never links back to you.

How do you ensure quality backlinks?

We only work with individually reviewed and verified partner sites. We look at dozens of data points to ensure quality at our ranks. An example of what we consider a good partner to have:

Domain Authority above 30 and Domain Rank above 20 (Ahrefs data).
General quality of content must be good - long form and provide added value - reviewed manually by our team.
Normal backlink profile (well distributed DR from referred domains)
Past performance as a member. We've developed our own algorithm that ensures an even distribution of links - making sure you get as many links to your pages as the ones you give the other partner websites.

How do I get my first backlink?

To get your first backlink, you first need to fill in your website profile and wait for our verification process to finish (usually takes 24 hours). You'll get notified on your email once it is ready.

Afterwards, within a few days we'll reach out with a link from one of our partner websites to which you need to link to from within your content. You'll have 24 hours to implement it on your website and get back to us with details from where you've linked it. Our team will then review it and let you know if approved.

From this moment onwards, you can submit your own link. This time we'll work with the partner sites to get YOU a quality backlink!

For how long can you guarantee my backlink?

We require our partner websites to maintain each link for at least 6 months.

Since we don't own partner websites, we can't guarantee your backlink will stay for X number of months. However, if you notice your backlink disappeared before 6 months went by, you can file a complaint with us and we'll review each case-by-case.

Typically if a partner website doesn't keep their end of the bargain, they will be penalised and ultimately blacklisted.

Will it serve content in all languages?

For Webeeseo to be efficient, it needs to have a sizeable number of partner websites willing to give and get backlinks in return to the network. In a smaller scale, each language is itself a unique network that needs scale as well to be effective. The language in which your website's content is written will be information you'll need to provide as part of your Webeeseo profile. Once our algorithm confirms that the size of the network ensures a sustainable balance, we'll let you know.